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Our Beginings - Part 1

On behalf of everyone at Hope Creative Ministries, we want to welcome you to our website. We want to thank you for coming to our page, supporting us and allowing us to use this as a vehicle to share our testimonies, stories, struggles, successes and ultimately the HOPE that we have in Jesus Christ. I pray that you will join us in this next step of our journey and share with everyone in hopes that whoever needs to hear what we are sharing can hear it. We are not doing this for us, but we want to find other vehicles to share God’s word in addition to our creative presentations. Some of you reading this know that we have had our fair share of struggles, some of you may not, but we want to lay a foundation so everyone can understand where we are coming from and even what we have learned to hopefully help shed some light, and to share with those are are struggling within their ministry that you are not alone. Our story is fairly long so we will be breaking it up and making a series. We want to make sure we accurately share what we went through, all the issues, not for it to be a “venting session” but so everyone can see what we went though, how God provided and led us through every single step of the way and to show just how faithful He has been.

Before I get to the “how we started,” I want to go over who we are. We are a 501c(3) organization, and have been for just over a year now and we are based in Clear Spring, Maryland. The core group consists of Anita, Hillary, Lisa, Robin and Vickie. Over our time we have had people join us and leave, or just fill in, but these 5 have been a constant from the beginning. As a creative ministries group we use various creative arts to deliver the message of hope through Jesus Christ, we do puppet shows, interactive movement songs, dowel rod pieces, ASL and human videos. All of us do this on a volunteer basis and put in a minimum of 2-3 hours in a week practicing together, and even more throughout the week when we are learning a new piece or have a performance coming up, then we put upwards of 10+ hours in a week a piece. With all that said, let’s start at the beginning.

It all started in November 2015 when Lisa got a group of people from our church together to go to a Creative Ministry Solutions weekend of training - it was Lisa, Vickie, Robin, Jerry, Steve, our pastor and his wife, Butch and myself. It was that Friday night during the black light competition. Lisa was sitting behind me. She leaned up and whispered, “Isn’t this neat?” I nodded and she proceeded to say, “We should start our own ministry and YOU should head it up!” At that point I didn’t know what to say - I worked a full retail management job and I didn’t think that I could juggle being a leader in my career, be a wife, and have enough time to dedicate to a ministry. I know by taking on that role, I would be in charge to training my team, coming up with programs, working out choreography, etc. I should probably mention that I have no theatre, performance, dance or ministry experience, but I, along with my team, felt lead to pursue this opportunity. From that point on, we were faced with severe opposition from within our church - as I mentioned earlier.

Stay tuned for our next post. We will continue our story - go in depth with our struggles and show you how God had His hand in everything, gave us discernment to protect our ministry and how we were delivered from that environment. We hope that if you are dealing with a similar situation that you will have peace, faithfulness, don’t lose heart, keep your focus on God and know His voice. You are not alone in this journey - you also aren’t the first, and you won’t be the last. Just don’t lose heart - and this too shall pass.


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