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Hope Creative Ministries is a volunteer run organization founded in 2017. We are a creative arts ministries group that focuses on spreading the good news of Jesus Christ to those around us. We do this through the use of puppets, creative movements, ASL, human video and more. We are constantly honing our craft and looking for fun new ways to present the gospel to people of ALL ages.

We have had the opportunity to serve our community by partnering with various churches in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia. We have participated in numerous outreaches, presented at nursing homes, and demonstrated how puppets can be used to present a message as well as giving a hands-on, behind the scenes presentation for an AHG troop.


We are governed by our established board of directors, who take part in our presentations and outreaches as well. All our volunteers put in numerous hours working on making all our supplies and honing their craft so we can bring our best presentation and we are continuously evolving, not only as performers, but also as believers.


The Team


Hillary is one of the founding members of Hope and is also our director. She is a creative mind and when she isn't planning performances, props or choreography, she enjoys crocheting and using her creativity in other avenues.


She is a full time business professional during the week and is a management powerhouse. Her mind never stops and is always thinking of new and creative ways for HOPE to be effective and different avenues for us to reach out to the community around us.


Hillary Maples

Anita's initial goal in joining Hope was to help behind the scenes wherever she was needed. Over the years she has helped with costume repairs, making costumes and most recently made a puppet. She doesn't consider herself a performer, so she thought that would be where she would stay.  But, Hillary had a different vision and she pulled Anita out from behind the curtain.

For years Anita's had an on again-off again interest in sign language, so she's had the opportunity to sign some songs, in a group and individually.  She has taken ventriloquism and puppet making classes and has recently started learning the basics of puppetry.

Propeteer, Costum Maker & Puppet Apprentice

Anita Burt


Lisa has been with Hope since the beginning and is the financial administrator for the group. She is primarily one of our puppeteers, but enjoys all aspects of the ministry.


During the week, she works full time as an appeals coordinator for a health insurance company. When she is not practicing with the group or on her own, she loves spending time with her family, friends and her cat, Trixie.

Financial Administrator & Puppeteer

Lisa Smith


Vickie is one of the Directors of Hope Creative. She is tone deaf and has no rhythm. A lot of our ministry involves music and dance so it is a real struggle for her but God is faithful. He can use anyone who is willing.

She has been married for 36 years and  has one son. She is recently retired and is enjoying every second of it!

She enjoy watching storms, walking on the beach and spending time with family and friends.


Vickie Wagner


Robin has been with Hope from the beginning. She started with doing props but is currently learning puppeteering. With the growth of the ministry it has expanded her involvement into dance, sign language, dowel rods and human videos.


God has used HOPE to bring her out of her comfort zone and she enjoys all aspects of HOPE to give glory to God.


She is retired, has four children, ten grandchildren, and a Yorkie named Jasper. Aside from spending time with her family, she loves to read, do word games, and watch movies and enjoying all of God's blessings.

Propeteer & Puppet Apprentice

Robin Daymude

We would love to be at your next church or community event!

As mentioned previously, we are a volunteer run organization and we rely on you. We would love to be at your next event to present the Word of God in a different way. If you would be interested, send us a message!


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